Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's this all about?

What's this all about?

I guess the question could be applicable to so many topics... religion, war, politics, the meaning of life...

oh, and this blog.

Well, I guess this is as good of a place to start as any. To be honest, I really am not the blogging type. Don't get me wrong - I love the idea. Even as a little girl, I looooooved getting new diaries. Something about their intrinsic promise... pretty cardboard covers printed in alluring swirls of pink hearts and flowers, the promise of all the blank pages they held, just waiting to be filled with the deep, dark secrets of an 8-year-old... locked tightly behind a miniature padlock folded across the golden-leafed page edges, with a key that I would surely wear on a ribbon around my neck, like a Victorian-era heroine.

But, invariably, I would make an entry, maybe two, then get bored with the whole concept, relegating my diary to the bookshelf alongside paperback copies of The Babysitter's Club and Fear Street. I had a whole collection of diaries with one-page entries like this. I just didn't much see the point. I had thoughts, I kept them in my head, I could remember them when I needed to - why take the extra step of writing them all down?

Fast forward to today. As I sit here making my first blog entry, I am reminded of those days of the past, and scoff slightly at myself for embarking on this endeavor, yet again. What has changed in these 20-plus (plus, plus) years? First, I can type a whole lot faster than I write. And being left-handed, writing pen or pencil to paper was never my favorite activity, though some would say I was (am?) a good writer, and I spent many hours in middle school perfecting my signature meticulously tiny, slightly-slanted handwriting with the loopy f's and s's.

What else? I'm married to my wonderful husband of 7 years, Chip.  He was my junior AND senior prom date :) Maybe one day I'll post pictures :) We also have a baby. A sweet little boy named Wes, or Charles Wesley Christy IV if we're being formal. And at the urging of others (::cough my mother-in-law cough::), I decided to start this blog to also chronicle our adventures, and probably some mis-adventure, along this path we are traveling. We shall see which prevails over the other.

I love to cook and to try new recipes. Everything from recipes on the backs of Lipton soup mix boxes to full-on French cuisine courtesy of my girl, Julia Child.  I'm not picky :) I am not a baker, though, so if you're looking for a blog where you can drool over pastry-filled, chocolate-iced dessert porn, kindly move along. Not to say that I don't bust out the baking soda on rare occasion, but I'd rather dip a piece of bread in cheese fondue than a piece of pound cake into melted chocolate. I also love wine, cocktails, beer - not necessarily in that order, and certainly not all at once :)

I also love fashion - in my former life, I was a merchant in the buying offices at Bergdorf Goodman, then QVC for 4 years, making the very tough decision last fall to put that part of my life on hiatus in order to stay home to raise our baby. I hope to get back into that world sometime in the future, but we shall see what the cards of fate have in store.

So there's my intro! We'll see where this goes. I don't have a key to this blog that I can wear around my neck, though Chip did give me a lovely rose gold key pendant from Tiffany & Co. as a Christmas gift a few years ago :) Seems that after all these years, I just can't get away from them.